Friday, August 1, 2014

River Monsters for the Game Design students

Just at the beginning of the Spring term, we got asked by the game design students to help out by drawing some monster concepts for their game. They were designing a top-down game where you'd have to traverse an old fashioned logging river, with all kinds of river-based enemies. The catch was that it was a collaboration with a local elementary school, so we drew their suggestions and the kids got to pick which monsters they liked best. Mine didn't make the cut, but here they are anyway. (:

It was supposed to be a 1920s sort of time period, so I drew a buff eagle with one of those old wrestling suits. 

This was a lumberjack walrus. There were a lot of lumberjack themed monsters suggested, so that might have worked against him in the long run. Or... the log run.... oh ho ho. 

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