Saturday, August 2, 2014

Kronk poses!

One of our challenges from Rick this year was to take a character and draw it 100 times! When nobody did this, he made it into an assignment. ;)
We got to choose an established character, practice drawing them a few times, and then he got our Life Drawing model to do a zillion poses for us to translate into our character! I chose Kronk, the henchman from the film The Emperors New Groove. He's a beefy flamboyant airhead character, but he turned out to be so much fun to draw. Almost all the poses worked for him haha. This was a fun assignment for sure! (Also it should be noted, these poses were drawn in about 30 seconds each. Thats why they just look like stickmen!)
Heres a Kronk character sheet, to give you an idea what he looks like.

Click for more:

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