Friday, August 15, 2014

Intro to Flash!

In the spring term we had our first introduction to Flash. I'll admit, I had a learning curve here. I think our second year will have more work in Flash, and more advanced stuff. My first video was a simple flame animation, to be put on an imported background. You'll probably recognise this one.

Our second project was to take an already made character (this belongs to Tara Audibert, voice by Curtis!) and learn how to manipulate a character from a library. Basically, we were making a puppet act.

Our last project was sort of a group project, in that we were to begin and end with the same frame to create a looping animation, and then we could link all our animations together. We never edited our animations together (ran out of time at the end of term!) but it still works as a looping animation. Although Flash is great for using and manipulating pre-made drawings, its also good for traditional frame-by-frame animation. Thats what we did for this one! Snoge is Tara Audibert's character and belongs to her. (:

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