Thursday, February 18, 2016

A couple of things

I've been working on a show for Copernicus studios as a key animator for the last 8 months, so I have been busy adjusting to working life. I thought I would pop in and share just a couple of things I  have made lately!
I was working on this digital painting tonight, to play around with using colour in photoshop. I thought maybe I could do a self portrait each month of this year to help me learn to paint in photoshop, and as a kind of artistic progress marker.

Some older stuff I made and didnt post anywhere: This roman archer I wanted to clean up in Manga Studio 5 (havent done that yet) and an unfinished run cycle I was using to try to learn Flash. We have been using Toonboom Harmony at work so my Flash knowledge is more limited than most animators in the biz right now. I really need to remember that tutorials are my friend... lots of things to learn haha. 

Thats all! Hope you are all well. 

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