Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Windsor McCay

We were asked to create a piece of artwork inspired by the art of Windsor McCay, the father of animation. Here's mine! I really liked making it.
Here are a couple of his videos: a gross one about a mosquito this one about a bad dream about a flying house!
He was a very very fast sketch artist and did his work before any modern methods of animating had been invented.


  1. Wow Ana, just looked at your blog updated page. You are so in the right place now at NBCC, keep drawing! I LOVED the 'race to the moon', it's beautiful with the flying animals and the floppy slippers. Your characters are amazing and I want to see more of them, the chubby rabbit and cute cat. The space girls are cool too.. That old captain looks a real tough cookie. Wonderful creations!

  2. Hey Ana, can I ask if this was for Terry's Animation History class?? Looks awesome!! I love it!!

    1. also the face in the moon is based on Vladmir Putin's face hahaha. grabbed reference from here:

  3. Thanks MB! I am glad you like my new stuff. (:
    Hey Jill, yes this is for Terry's class! He showed us only one example before we started and it was Nat's. So with the bar that high we were all super pumped to make good drawings, everyone's Winsor McCay drawings turned out extra nice!