Thursday, July 31, 2014

A few Staging Layouts

In our short spring term we had a class about staging techniques. Basically we got the opportunity to bang out a bunch of new layouts. I learned a lot about using three point perspective and got way more confident in my backgrounds and understanding of perspective in general. I'm gonna include all the layouts in this post, since they're all related. But please don't forget that each of these took hours to do! Layout ain't easy!
We started by doing a town view:
This was basically our introduction to three point perspective. 
We were given a script that takes place in a western town, and then we had to do a two point perspective background and pose our characters in it!  This was a little bit like storyboarding, but these kinds of pose sheets are what an animator would be given before they begin animating a scene. That way they know how big to make the characters, and the range of movement they'll have on the page. 

And lastly we did a one point perspective drawing of the town, to provide another perspective shot for our location. 

 So that's it for my western town! This project really helped me wrap my mind around perspective, thank you Tara! I really had to rely on my instructors a lot this year when it came to layouts, as I find them difficult. With their help I pulled through though.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

CafeSketches in the classroom

We set up a table in the life drawing room during the winter term (in the middle of all those crazy snowstorms) to take the pressure off for getting some candid people sketches down. It was fun! We took turns just drawing or relaxing. My drawings are a mix of my class and the 2nd year animation students. I think this is an area I need a lot more practice in!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Retroactive Updates!

Hi guys, gonna start filling you in on the artwork I made that I haven't posted yet! There's stuff going back to January, and if I haven't posted it either I didn't have time when I made it or I had planned to go back and revise it. Well tough, past-Ana, time is up and it's getting posted whether you like it or not.
I'm gonna start with my Background paintings! We did a colour book and two paintings in this class, which took place during the shorter spring semester. I already posted the first background, so this is the results of the second background we painted! We got to paint a background we had designed ourselves, and I chose my Jekyll and Hyde design, which you can see a couple of posts down. I remember having a hard time getting it to look the way I wanted (especially to look dark enough) but in the end I was happy enough with it. This was what I chose to show in the little art show that was held at a nearby gallery also. You can see a photo of me at the show after the Readmore. (: